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Frame 7E/EA - Phoenix Rotor™
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Phoenix Rotor™ is a hybrid rotor with new and

Certified Previously Operated (CPO)™ components certified for 200,000 FFH of remaining life. 

Phoenix Rotor™ is intended for rotors approaching or exceeding 200,000 Factored Fired Hours (FFH) or 5000 Factored Fired Starts (FFS) and is available as an exchange or fleet program.

Aligned to meet safety-critical TIL-1576 issued by the OEM, Phoenix Rotors™ are available in stock to minimize outage duration.

As the OEM for Fiat and Mature Westinghouse Gas Turbines, our proven OEM design and materials are used to produce the EthosEnergy Frame 7EA Phoenix compressor and turbine rotor discs.

  • 200k FFH, 5k FFS Expected Rotor Life

  • EcoLife™ Warranty