Travel gears HYDROTRAC GFT 8150 with TIS ( Tire Inflation System)

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The hydrostatic compact drive series 40 consists of a two-stage planetary gearbox, which - in combination with a hydraulic axial piston motor - builts a space-saving drive unit. The "Tire Inflation System" TIS from Rexroth, which is implemented in the planetary gearbox, makes it possi- ble to generate the optimum tire pressure required for field or road travel, without external pressure lines on the vehicle. The complete unit serves mainly as a drive compo- nent for wheel-driven harvesters with single-wheel drive e.g. corn harvester, potato harvester, etc.

  • For wheel-driven harvesters with single-wheel drive

  • Compact, space-saving two-stage planetary gearbox design

  • Integrated static and dynamic multiple-disk parking brake

  • Optional mechanical disconnection for towing process

  • Increase traction in field operation with TIS solution

HYDROTRAC GFT 8150 with TIS ( Tire Inflation System) Specifications:

  • Torque (Nm)
Bosch Rexroth

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