Compander for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Three-stage GT032N3D0 / Single-stage ETG150MS

Atlas Copco Gas and Process utilizes market-leading LNG experience to custom-design turbomachinery that fits your application. Compressor efficiency and reliability are hallmark features of our equipment that helps drive the global LNG industry.

The compander’s expander stage is an essential component of an on-board LNG reliquefaction plant.

  • the custom-designed LNG process equipment would boost the productivity with marketing leading mean time between failures (MTBF).

  • With over five decades of experience, we design the perfect LNG process equipment for your facility.

  • Atlas Copco compressors and expanders are designed to deliver maximum efficiency in a compact, modular package.

Three-stage GT032N3D0 / Single-stage ETG150MS Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure (bar)
  • Inlet temperature (°C)
  • Flow (m^3 /h )
  • Max number of stages
  • Shaft / Impeller connection
    Hirth serration
  • Expander Cold Production (kW)
Atlas Copco

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