Mechanical Drive Gas Turbine SGT-400-11MW

The SGT-400 is a simple, robust twin-shaft gas turbine, suitable for both power generation and mechanical drive applications. The product services the 10 – 15 MW power band and can be used in all climates, onshore and offshore. A technological leap forward when it debuted 20 years ago, the SGT-400 continues to be a leader in operational and fuel flexibility, low emissions and overall efficiency. Enhancements to rotors and blades combined with local support and a 33% increase in the time between overhauls ensure high availability and low lifecycle costs. Recent advancements like the can-annular design with single-stage combustion mean the SGT-400 can burn a wide range of fuel compositions and run efficiently at all loads. It can meet stringent emissions standards while running loads as low as 30% and has seamless, true dual-fuel capability

  • Extended 32,000 hours hot gas path service intervals, up from, 24,000 hours

  • 64,000 hours before first major overhaul, up from, 48,000 hours

  • Fuel Flexibility

  • Ability to operate efficiently across a broader range of power from 10-15 MW

  • Ideal onshore or offshore for oil & gas industry

SGT-400-11MW Specifications:

  • Fuel
    Natural gas, liquid fuel, dual fuel
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Heat-rate (kJ/kWh)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)
  • Exhaust Temperature (C)
  • Shaft Output (MW)
  • Pressure Ratio
  • NOx Emissions (ppm)
  • Power (MW)
  • Type
    Mechanical Drive
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