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CLC Motor Cooling

The Keystone Submersible Motor CLC (Closed Loop Cooling System) provides motor cooling for full load continuous pump operation in liquid and air. The CLC Submersible Motor cooling is achieved using a Glycol Coolant that is circulated through an internal cooling passage by an integrated circulation pump and heat is dissipated through an internal heat exchanger.

The CLC is available for our Motor Frames 250T, 320T & 360T.

  • The Keystone HDS provides superior slurry handling ability for industrial applications

  • It offers maximum performance in severe conditions, with a world-class electric submersible motor

  • Our Run Dry Slurry Seal guarantees prolonged motor operation in the most severe applications

  • Double mechanical seals work in an oil chamber to isolate components from pumped slurry

  • Highest-quality construction and materials ensures longevity.