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Series SJ-205
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Virtually all pulsating equipment, such as pumps and compressors, generate vibrations in both the flow and system piping. Vibration can increase loads on equipment, reduce efficiency, and increase maintenance costs. Continuous vibration leads to settling in the system which causes misalignment. Noise from vibration can also make the work environment intolerable.

Manufactured with a streamlined, self-cleaning arch, EVR’s SJ-205 is designed to absorb vibration and eliminate buildup of suspended materials in the system flow. The SJ-205 expansion joint achieves considerable flexibility – rivalling standard multi-arch designs – with a single arch. The result is a light-weight joint with a very short face-toface dimension.

The construction of the SJ-205 begins with a leak-proof inner sleeve, reinforced with multiple plies of polyester cord. The full faced rubber flange eliminates the need for gaskets, allowing for a fast, simple and completely leakproof installation. Available in three different pressure ratings, EVR’s SJ-205 expansion joint can be fabricated from Neoprene, Nitrile, Hypalon, Viton or other suitable elastomers, allowing it to adapt easily to the requirements of any application.

Elasto-Valve Series SJ-205 Rubber Expansion Joint Specifications:

  • DN from

  • DN to

  • Pressure Nominal from (bar)

  • Pressure Nominal to (bar)

  • Class from

  • Class to

  • NPS from

  • NPS to