GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine (50 Hz) 9F.03 -General Electric (GE Power) | Linquip
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The rugged 9F.03 heavy-duty gas turbine delivers efficiency, flexible operation, and reliability in one proven solution. With greater than 99 percent reliability and broad fuel flexibility, the 9F.03 delivers consistent performance in a multitude of diverse applications, ranging from industrial cogeneration to aluminum smelting. With more than 200 installed units worldwide, and an excess of 12 million operating hours, the 9F.03 and 9F.04 heavy-duty gas turbines are excellent for a wide range of applications.

  • The rugged 9F.03 and 9F.04 deliver efficiency, flexible operation, and reliability—and the eight-month delivery cycle gets you up and running fast.

  • Faster start times—up to 20 minutes in simple-cycle and 30 minutes in combined-cycle—along with better availability and high fuel flexibility.

  • Advanced Gas Path (AGP) provides the 9F.04 with enhanced performance, additional output, and improved efficiency.

GE Frame 9 Gas Turbine (50 Hz) 9F.03 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)

  • Fuel

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • Ramp-up (MW/min)

  • Efficiency (%)

  • Heat-rate (kJ/kWh)

  • Speed (RPM)

  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)

  • Exhaust Temperature (C)