Centrifugal Gas Compressor for Petrochemical (GT series) Five-stage GT032

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Atlas Copco GT-Series integrally geared centrifugal compressors feature innovative gearbox and impeller designs for air and process gas applications up to 205 bar.

This compressor for a Chinese petrochemical plant had to meet complex requirements.

  • integral gear technology delivers multiple-speed capability that allows each compression stage to run at the optimum speed.

  • Utilizing multi-stage compression with as many as eight stages on a single gearbox to handle combined processes in one cycle.

  • The GT Series is manufactured according to the rigorous standards of the American Petroleum Institute (API), namely API 617.

Five-stage GT032 Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

  • Nominal outlet pressure (bar)

  • Inlet temperature (°C)

  • Flow (m^3 /h )

  • Max number of stages

  • Shaft / Impeller connection

    Hirth serration
  • Axial thrust compensation

    High-speed axial bearings or thrust collar
  • Oil system

    Manufacturer’s standard or API 614
  • Coupling