Residue Gas Compressor for NGL Recovery (T series) Two-stage TP14 / 14

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Atlas Copco

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our T-Series compressors are trusted for efficient processing of polyolefines such as polypropylene and polyethylene. Built for maximum reliability they handle discharge pressures of 40 bar and flow volumes up to 80 000 m3/h (47 086 cfm).

A residue gas compressor for a gas plant in Nigeria, providing unmanned operation in extreme conditions.

  • T-Series centrifugal compressors can be customized precisely to your process requirements.

  • Our dry-gas seals can be applied in tandem configurations.

  • purged, variable inlet guide vanes (IGV) give you optimal flow rates.

  • direct-driven T-Series compressors can be used as a cycle gas compressor and main loop compressor.

  • high level of aerodynamic performance and mechanical reliability.

Two-stage TP14 / 14 Specifications:

  • Inlet pressure (bar)

  • Nominal outlet pressure (bar)

  • Inlet temperature (°C)

  • Flow (m^3 /h )

  • Max number of stages

  • Gases handled

    Polyethylene, Polypropylene
  • Shaft / Impeller connection

    Hirth serration
  • API

  • Axial thrust compensation

    High-speed axial bearings
  • Oil system

    API 614
  • Coupling
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