Steam Turbine HC 500

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The L, M, and H Series multi-stage steam turbines are NG Allen’s answer to safe, economical and efficient power generation. The main characteristics of these machines are cost-effective investment and high performance in the range of 5 to 65 MW. The series offers flexible operation for power and heat generation in co-generation systems, particularly in those using biomass or waste product fuels. H Series, also available in back pressure or condensing types, designed for high inlet steam conditions up to 86 bara/520°C.

  • Condensing Model

  • Available in Condensing with Double Flow Exhaust Model (HC 500/500)

  • Ultrasonically Tested and Dynamically Balanced Rotor

  • Modular Design Concept

  • API 612

HC 500 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Speed (RPM)
  • Max. Inlet Steam Temperature (C)
  • Inlet pressure (bar)
  • Exhaust Pressure (bar)
NG Allen Steam Turbines

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