Aeroderivative Gas Turbine PS-90A-76

The PS-90A-76 aero engine (PS - Pavel Soloviev) is a modification of the PS-90A turbofan. It extends service life of the large fleet of the IL-76 transport airplanes and raises their efficiency by installation of the PS-90A-76 engine instead of the D-30KP.

It is a high-bypass-ratio, two-shaft turbofan, with mixed flow and a thrust reverser in a fan duct and noise absorbing system.


The aero engine is intended to power IL-76 cargo aircraft and its modifications.

The engine was certified in 2003.

In 2004 JSC "UEC-Perm Engines" launched the serial production of the engine.

PS-90A-76 engines are currently in service at three (3) Airlines.

  • PS-90A engine modification.

  • Intended to replace D-30KP engines during IL-76 family aircraft upgrade and for installation on new aircraft.

  • Certified in 2003. In service since 2003.

  • The PS-90A-76-powered aircraft meet ICAO 2006 emission and noise standards (Stage 4).

  • Operated based on the technical condition.

PS-90A-76 Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)
  • length (m)
  • Type
  • Take-off thrust (kgf)
  • Cruise thrust (kgf)
  • Specific fuel consumption (kg/
  • Max. Flight altitude (m)
  • Fan diameter (m)


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