Vertical wet pit pump STR vertical turbine pump

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STR pumps are engineered-to-order pumps able to provide good reliability during continuous operation. The STR Vertical Turbine Pumps have been designed to handle clear or slightly polluted fluids in water and industrial applications. Applications are Desalination (seawater intake, brine backwash, etc.), Water treatment, Water transport, Irrigation, Circulation, and cooling water services in power plants, Fish farms, Flood control, Cooling water auxiliary services for HP and Dry docks.

  • Closed impellers with balancing holes as standard, with open impeller for higher specific speeds

  • Bowl and impeller removable wear rings (front and rear)

  • Oversized integrally mounted bearing housing with axial and radial bearings

  • Above ground discharge head as standard; discharge elbow below foundation available upon request

  • Shaft sleeves at pump rotor wear parts

STR vertical turbine pump Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • Max head (m)
  • Max. discharge size (mm)
  • Max flow (m3/h)
  • Max. temperature (C)


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