Copper Conductor 230/400 (420)kV Copper Conductor Copper Wire/Lead Sheath

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Land High Voltage Cable with stranded copper conductor

Single core XLPE insulated cable, screen area longitudinally and radially watertight

Stranded copper conductor class 2 according to IEC 60228 (optionally with segmented or enamelled conductor), semi conducting conductor screen, insulation of cross-linked polyethylene (XLPE), semi conducting insulation screen, semi conducting swellable bedding, copper screen, swellable bedding, lead sheath and PE sheath.

  • Copper Conductor

  • High Voltage Cable

230/400 (420)kV Copper Conductor Copper Wire/Lead Sheath Specifications:

  • Working Temperature (C)
  • Size
    from 26.4 up to 70.0
  • Voltage Up to (kV)
  • Material

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