Progressing cavity pump PC transfer pump

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Sulzer’s competitively priced transfer pump, with close coupled drive and gearbox. Options for vertical or horizontal installation, baseplate and flanged or square inlet, this product has a small footprint, useful where space to install is tight and is available in low to high flow configurations. Main applications are Sludge handling and transfer, Municipal and Industrial effluent, Shear sensitive processes and Shear thinning slurries.

  • Designed to deliver constant capacity with viscous fluids and shear thinning non-Newtonian fluids

  • Selected drives and gearboxes with many low speed options are available, to reduce pump wear

  • Compact for space saving, can be installed vertically or horizontally and run in either direction

  • Competitively priced process pump with integral direct drive and gearbox, baseplate optional

PC transfer pump Specifications:

  • Maximum discharge pressure (bar)
  • Max. discharge size (mm)
  • Max flow (m3/h)


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