Gas Turbine AE94.3A

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​​​​​​The AE94.3A is suitable both for combined and simple cycle application. The proven design of all its components, the rotor construction with the internally air cooled hot gas path and the uniform temperature distribution, due to the annular combustion chamber, ensure optimum balancing of the thermal flow resulting in easy operation, fast start up / hot restart time and grid support capability. In addition, thanks to those characteristics combined with its profitable maintenance, the AE94.3A represents the best solution for peak plants. Options to reduce the minimum environmental load keeping at the same time the machine ready for grid support, provisions for inlet cooling and/or air preheating are available as well to optimize the efficiency under all ambient conditions and in partial load. As a result of fuel gas premix combustion extension from synchronization to base load, high flexibility is possible throughout the entire operating range, including all transient conditions. A wide selection of fuels, ranging from hydrogen enriched natural gas to liquid fuel, are burnt in dry premix mode with no water consumption, thus minimizing the plant and operating cost and the layout area. In particular, the premix combustion with fuel oil allows to keep NOx emissions down to 60 ppm in dry mode while even lower levels (down to 25 ppm) are possible by adding a very limited amount of water. Quick and reliable fuel change over between liquid and gaseous fuels and viceversa are available as well. With more than 4 million equivalent operating hours cumulated and more than 80 units in Ansaldo Energia fleet, the AE94.3A offers the most proven technology in the F class market.

  • Fast start​, fast ramp and hot restart capabilities

  • High fuel flexibility with quick and dependable fuel switch over and dry mode operation for both gas and oil

  • High reliability

  • Easy maintenance with tailored service plans and high availability

  • Fast track project​ 

AE94.3A Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Frequency (Hz)
  • Efficiency (%)
  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)
  • Exhaust Temperature (C)
Ansaldo Energia


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