Industrial gear units PBLZ

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RENK PBLZ gear units are the classic drive solution for medium and large mills for raw materials, bricks, as well as minerals.

The three-stage gear unit has a spur gear and two planetary stages. It was introduced to great success in 1998 and has been installed nearly one hundred times since then. By introducing the PBLZ, RENK created a robust gear unit concept for the central drive system of ball mills. It very deliberately serves as the opposite of so-called lateral drives. In contrast to such solutions, there is no contamination by lubricating oils due to the ingress of cement and no wearing of the gear rim with the PBLZ.

If the ball mill is suitably designed, it is possible to forgo the connecting coupling, which is part of the scope of delivery of the PBLZ. The gear unit is then positioned so that it rides on the mill.

PBLZ gear units use components of the KPBV system.

In addition to the mill drive coupling, a positioning auxiliary drive with an automatic overrunning clutch, a lubrication system with connecting lines, and the option of a control device are included in the delivery. RENK can also specify and deliver the main engine.

  • Torques of 1,000 to 6,500 kNm for medium and larger horizontal mills

  • Sophisticated product thanks to incredible wealth of experienced gained over 30 years of successful use

  • Three-step design results in comparatively small, inexpensive components

  • Sophisticated lubrication system with fine filtering, resulting in a significantly extended service life

  • Sophisticated monitoring, optionally also with the RENK VIBmonitoring System for the automation of regular maintenance checks

PBLZ Specifications:

  • Maximum Torque (Nm)

  • Minimum Torque (Nm)

  • Maximum Speed (rpm)

  • Minimum Speed (rpm)

  • Maximum Power (kW)

  • Minimum Power (kW)

  • Sizes

  • Maximum Center distance (mm)

  • Minimum Center Distance (mm)