Conveyor belt drive gearboxes KA/KB gear units

RENK’s gear units of the KA and KB type are the classic drive solution for medium and large conveyor belt drives. KA gear units also offer higher safety factors when used for crushers.

The two- or three-stage gear unit has a bevel gear stage and either one or two spur gear stages. It was introduced to great success in 1980 and has been installed many hundreds of times since then. RENK's KA/KB gear unit also provides the basic frame, torque support, a hydrodynamic startup coupling (applications without frequency converter) and/or a safety coupling. RENK can also specify, deliver, and install the drive engine.

The output shaft of the KA/KB gear units is designed so that the entire propulsion system can can ride on them.

KA/KB gear units are robust, oil filled gear units which don't require any auxiliary power. An oil cooler is not required. A shaft-driven impeller is used for air cooling purposes in exceptional cases.

  • Torques of 100 to 700 kNm for medium and larger belt drives and crushers

  • Sophisticated product thanks to incredible wealth of experienced gained over 50 years of successful use

  • Self-lubricating and self-cooling without auxiliary power

  • Welded steel housing for lowest external temperatures and low weight of the drive unit

  • Simply, durable design for the most difficult operating conditions

KA/KB gear units Specifications:

  • Maximum Torque (Nm)
  • Minimum Torque (Nm)

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