Large Induction Motors Slip Ring Induction Motors

For applications that demand high starting torques, low starting current, or both, Baldor is proud to offer ABB's broad line of slip ring induction motors. Our design experience and application expertise have made us a leading manufacturer of high voltage slip-ring inductionmotors. These motors are widely used in applications requiring high starting torque or low starting current, including mill drives, cement plants, mines, utilities, water works and many more.

  • Separate slip ring comparment at non drive end to prevent dust ingress into motor windings

  • Fabricated modular frame with welded steel construction with both horizontal and vertical configurations available

  • To help ensure a longer life, we utilize class F insulating material on rotor and stator, with the stator also recieving a full VPI process

  • Excitation is available with permanent contact brushes or with a brush lifting device

Slip Ring Induction Motors Specifications:

  • Min Shaft height (mm)
  • Max Shaft height (mm)
  • Max voltage (KV)