Large Induction Motors High Inertia Fan Motors

With stall times longer than their start times, moderate inrush current levels and a choice of cooling systems, ABB’s new high inertia motors are ideal for driving large fans. Reliability is assured, as they are based on ABB’s proven modular induction motor platform. ABB, the leading power and automation technology group, has launched a series of motors designed to accelerate high inertia loads, such as axial fans.

  • The applied inertia level is three times the published NEMA MG-1 chart and the service factor (SF) is 1.15, with a class F temperature rise

High Inertia Fan Motors Specifications:

  • Cooling method
    WP-II (IC01), TEWAC (IC81), and IC611 (TEAAC)
  • Min Shaft height (mm)
  • Max Shaft height (mm)
  • Min No. poles
  • Max No. poles
  • Min power (MW)
  • Max power (MW)
ABB Motors and Mechanical Inc. (formerly Baldor Electric Company)


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