Backward curved AC centrifugal fan BL-B355A-4A-M01-01 (50Hz)

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Starting with manufacturing AC motors with external rotors for own needs, for now Blauberg Motoren produce wide range of motors and fans with EC and AC technology for clients all around the world. It includes axial fans, backward curved fans, forward curved fans, blowers.

nominal voltage: 230V

noise level (dB(A)): 64

  • continuous operation (S1)

  • motor protection: self-resetting TOP wired internally

  • Insulation class F

BL-B355A-4A-M01-01 (50Hz) Specifications:

  • Speed (RPM)
  • power (hp)
  • Flow (m^3 /h )
  • Material
    sheet aluminium
  • MAX. pressure (mbar)

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