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Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers

In the past, Plate & Gasket type and Shell & Tube type were the majority in the heat exchanger industry. The Plate & Gasket type features high heat transfer efficiency, a small footprint, easy operation, easy hoisting, and easy maintenance; however, the internal gasket is prone to corrosion as time goes by and does not withstand high-temperatures; therefore, leakage incidents are prone to occur. 

For the sake of heat transfer effect, plates are usually designed thin; even with thickened plates, they are generally unable to withstand high-pressure environments exceeding 40 Bar.

Although the relatively stable Shell & Tube type may be used in high-temperature and high-pressure work conditions, their footprint is large; they are also difficult to hoist, install, maintain and clean; the weight is high and the heat transfer efficiency is low; they are prone to clog in conditions of specific liquids; plus their price is high and delivery time is long.

Taiwan SRP Inc. has introduced Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers with the combination of merits of the above two types. This new type Heat Exchange features high heat transfer efficiency and high-temperature/pressure resistance, has no internal gasket, and operates steadily; easy to maintain, it provides the opportunity for the customers to opt for new generation heat exchangers.

Applicable to zoned heat supply/refrigeration system, heat ventilation/air-con, power generation/energy storage, bio-fuel and renewable resources, petrochemical industry, oil refinery, natural gas & LNG, waste heat recovery, general steam heating, etc.

SRP Shell & Plate Heat Exchangers Specifications:

  • Material

    SS304/ SS316L/ S310 / SS904/ SMO254/ Hastelloy C276, Ti
  • Max. Connection Size (mm)

  • Min. Connection Size (mm)


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