Membrane Coupling CENTADISC-T

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CENTADISC-T - The membrane coupling with option for integrated

overload function for applications in rail drives between e-motor and

gear. Optimum application in drives on one bearing, where the rotor

of the electric engine is born via the coupling. A new feature to

the base design is added by electrical insulation within the membrane.

Layout and design are identical to the steel variant in handling

and technical data. Large insulation spans eliminate leakage or high

frequency currents. High capacity resistance and optimum protection

of the driven side are the result. This new design is is an individual

solution for customer specific unit combinations and is combined with

overload slip units within the clamping hubs.

  • Axial and angular misalignment compensation

  • Radially stiff

  • Electrically insulating

  • Compact dimensions

  • Very high operation speed

CENTADISC-T Specifications:

  • Elastic Material
CENTA Power Transmission

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