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Synchronous motors with brushless excitation system present a rotating exciter, normally located in a compartment in the back of the motor. Depending on the motor operation, the exciter is composed by:

Exciter with direct current supply on the stator

Exciter with alternating current supply on the stator

The exciter rotor supplies the necessary power to the motor excitation winding through a rotating, three-phase rectifier bridge.

The field application control circuit of the rectification system uses microprocessors to determine the best angle and phase for field application. The Sync-Rite™ system is a high-performance, digitally controlled module developed by WEG Electric Machinery. As an option, a portable Sync-Rite™ testing device can be supplied for easy verification of the circuit electronic components, without the need of disassembling the circuit.

Synchronous motors with static exciter are designed with slip rings and brushes that allow the current supply to reach the rotor poles by means of sliding contact. The direct current must come from an AC/DC static controller and converter located outside the motor. Synchronous motors with static exciter are more often used in applications with variable speed with a frequency drive operation or in applications where the system dynamic response must be extremely fast.

  • Cooling system with ducts, more efficient and optimized

  • Integration of the rectifying circuit to the exciter, enhancing the robustness of the excitation system

  • More spacing and greater airflow on the coil heads and bearings

S Line Specifications:

  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • Max. Power (kW)
  • frame size
    280 to 1800 (IEC)
  • Min speed (rpm)
  • min voltage (V)
  • Max voltage (V)
  • Degree of protection
    IP23 to IP56W/IP65W

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