Helical Rotor Blower ARH25S (4)

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ShinMaywa helical blowers are the latest in roots-type blowers which incorporate low noise technology. We use our outstanding technology to meet the high-level needs of the world of industry by also giving consideration to environmental problems such as noise. The design suppresses vibration in the low-frequency range where blower noise is generated. At ShinMaywa we have successfully used "3-lobe helical rotor" to greatly reduce the amount of this pulsating noise. ShinMaywa helical 3-lobe rotors have three lobes twisted in a spiral shape.

  • Fluororubber is used for the oil seal

  • The blower durability has been improved through the use of a larger bearing

  • VFD control system permits the motor speed to be easily changed electrically

ARH25S (4) Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)
  • Noise level (db(A))
  • Max Speed (rpm)
  • MAX. pressure (mbar)
  • electric power required for MAX. pressure (HP)
  • Max flow (m3/h)
  • Min flow (m3/h)
  • MIN. pressure (mbar)
ShinMaywa Industries, Ltd.

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