Driveshaft Heavy Duty Universal

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Our range of Heavy Duty Universal Drive shafts covers the DIN range from 225 mm to 435 mm flange diameter. Face key design flanges are also available. This gives a torque transmission range from 18,000 Nm to 270,000 Nm.

As well as standard telescopic drive shafts we can also offer Double Joint assemblies, fixed length, Mid Ship Shafts with support Bearings and Short Coupled Drive shafts.

Applications requiring wide-angle flanges, long slip movement and balance grades to G6.3 tolerance can also be offered.

Heavy Duty Universal Specifications:

  • Maximum Torque (Nm)
  • Minimum Torque (Nm)
  • Maximum Flange Diameter (mm)
  • Minimum Flange Diameter (mm)
NDE Power Transmissions

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