3 phase squirrel cage induction motors surface-cooled 3-phase squirrel cage motors

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Industrially, the most common three-phase squirrel cage motor in protection class IP 55 has IC 411 cooling. For MENZEL squirrel cage motors of cooling type IC 411, the heat is emitted directly to the gray cast iron housing of the motor, and dissipated by cooling air from a fan installed on the rotor, via so-called cooling fins (surface cooling).

For special applications such as operation on a frequency inverter, our squirrel cage motors can be fitted with forced ventilation, i.e. with IC 416 cooling. The cooling air is blown over the sealed motor surface by a forced cooling fan.

We produce 2-pole squirrel cage motors with a rotation-dependent external fan. In principle, all other drives have rotation-independent external fans. The internal air circuit for IC 411 and IC 416 motors is usually independent of the direction of rotation.

surface-cooled 3-phase squirrel cage motors Specifications:

  • Min Shaft height (mm)
  • Max Shaft height (mm)
  • Max power (MW)
  • min voltage (V)
  • Max voltage (V)
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