Asynchronous slip ring motor IC 01

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MENZEL asynchronous slip ring motor are robust, durable, and are used in industrial plants all over the world.

MENZEL electric motors with slip ring rotors have been successfully used in large and small industrial plants worldwide since 1927. They are used anywhere where there are high starting torques and low starting currents.

MENZEL AC slip ring motors are available as open-circuit ventilated (IC 01), surface-cooled (IC 411) or pipe-cooled (IC 511) variants or as motors with air-air heat exchanger (IC 611, IC 616 and IC 666) or air-water heat exchanger (IC 81 W). A brief call with us and we can clarify which cooling class is the most appropriate for your needs. We are glad to advise.

The following article primarily focuses on our modular AC slip ring motors, particularly the open-circuit ventilated IC 01 motors in our MENZEL MEBSSD series.

MENZEL open-circuit electric motors with slip ring rotor have a modular structure. These are in the MENZEL MEBSSD series. The modular design allows for a variety of cooling, protection, and mounting types, whilst the basic design of the motors remains the same. This saves costs during manufacture, which ultimately has a positive effect on the motor price. In addition, we can adapt the AC slip ring motors to your individual circumstances at any time. The modular design guarantees you complete flexibility in using these motors.

As is the case with the modular slip ring motors in the MENZEL MEBSSL and MEBSSW series, our open-circuit ventilated MEBSSD motors are always in demand where high starting or breakaway torques have to be realized. This is, for example, the case with mill or shredder drives.

IC 01 Specifications:

  • Degree of protection
    IP23, IPW24, WBII
  • Min Shaft height (mm)
  • Max Shaft height (mm)
  • min voltage (V)
  • Max voltage (V)
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