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Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd. has produced an extensive range of lightweight, noise-free braking systems used by the majority of leading wind power plant manufacturers. The HHB-5-110 yaw brake is directly interchangeable with Gamesa G8X wind turbines

ICP HHB-5-110 hydraulic yaw brake incorporates five active pistons and two passive spring-applied pistons to meet your braking requirements. The active brakes are used for stopping and holding; manufactured with a minimum air gap for faster braking and shorter response times.

The spring-applied fail-safe pistons are used for parking and emergency stopping in case of power failure; functioned to start when the oil pressure to the brake disappears. ICP HHB-5-110 consists of five organic brake pads and two composite brake pads. The organic brake pads are hydraulically applied with a high friction coefficient, the composite brake pad is mechanically screwed and offers a low coefficient of friction for slippage and stability of the brake disc.

ICP holds stock of all Gamesa G8X yaw brake component parts, including pistons, hydraulic and dust seals, centering pins and bushings. All available directly from stock to ensure fast delivery and reduced downtime for your wind turbine.

HHB-5-110 | GAMESA G8X WIND TURBINE Specifications:

  • Operating Pressure (MPa)
  • Maximum Working Pressure (MPa)
  • Friction Coefficient
  • Braking Force (N)
Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd.

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