gas insulated-High-Voltage Switchgear GIS-ZF9-252/T4000-50&63

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For over 10 years XD Electric has been supplying 252kV class, indoor GIS

solutions within substations around the world. Since its introduction, over

4,500 bays have been installed and are in service today.

Purposefully designed with operating components contained within

a sealed metal container that is filled with insulating gas, this GIS class

reduces installation space requirements, is more resistant to weather

impacts, and is easier to maintain.

With future expansion in mind, the 252kV GIS is able to grow with your

system and still adhere to wiring requirements and standards. For greater

application flexibility, the 252kV GIS can be constructed as individual

phase or three phase common busbar.

  • Innovative design that offers a three phase common busbar and single phase circuit breaker enclosure

  • Compact GIS with reduced dimensions: L x W x H: 6600mm x 1800mm x 3150mm

  • Circuit breaker operating mechanism with either spring (50kA) or hydro-mechanical (63kA) device

  • For horizontal circuit breaker configurations, an electrical control bay operates all three phases at the same time

  • Built-in grounding switches

GIS-ZF9-252/T4000-50&63 Specifications:

  • Voltage Up to (kV)
  • Continuous Current Up to (A)
  • Max. Rated Frequency (Hz)
  • Rated Short-Circuit Making Current (BREAKER) (KA)
  • Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (kV)
General Electric (GE Power)


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