gas insulated-High-Voltage Switchgear GIS- ZF7A-126/T3150-40

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This 126kV/3150A/40kA spring operated GIS is very similar to the 72.5kV

design. It was also type tested by both KEMA of Holland and CESI of Italy.

The product is characterized by a three phase common design, spring/spring

operated mechanism, superior insulating and breaking capabilities. For this

design type, over 14,000 bays of GIS have been put into service in power

stations and transmission networks worldwide

  • 3 Phase common single and double bus bar arrangements

  • Compact GIS with reduced dimensions: L x W x H: 6600mm x 800mm x 3150mm

  • Circuit breaker with spring operating mechanism, type CT20

  • 3 position Disconnector and Earthing Switch (DES)

  • DES is equipped with a motor mechanism

GIS- ZF7A-126/T3150-40 Specifications:

  • Voltage Up to (kV)
  • Continuous Current Up to (A)
  • Max. Rated Frequency (Hz)
  • Rated Short-Circuit Making Current (BREAKER) (KA)
  • Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (kV)
General Electric (GE Power)

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