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Sibre SHI Caliper Brakes are built for holding and emergency stop operations. It is ideal for heavy-duty machinery such as hoists on container cranes and casting cranes, for large belt conveyor systems and cable cars.

The brakes can be installed horizontally or vertically, primarily used as an emergency brake. The SHI brake has been manufactured for fast response times and maximum safety. The specialist design involves little spare parts to ensure minimal maintenance is required due to using only one dynamic seal per cylinder. The brake lining support is held by guide bolts which absorb brake energy and reduce vibrations, the lining support is hydraulically retracted during operation of the brakes. Any lining wear can quickly be manually compensated. Special linings are available for particular requirements.

  • Suitable for different disc thicknesses

  • No tangential forces onto pistons and seals during dynamic braking

  • Simple and fast manual wear compensation

  • Easy and quick replacement of pad carriers

SHI 252 FC Specifications:

  • Maximum Working Pressure (MPa)
  • Minimum release pressure (MPa)
  • Braking Force (N)
Industrial Clutch Parts Ltd.

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