Marine Gas Turbine TF40

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The TF series marine gas turbine engines offer the ideal solution for marine power where compact size and lightweight can be translated to faster vessel speed, greater payload, or simply more power per foot of machinery space. The design of the TF series engines allows simple cantilever mounting from the reduction gear, which results in both the lightest weight installation possible and the most efficient design. With more than 50 years of heritage originating with the Lycoming Engine Company, the rugged TF series gas turbines have accumulated hundreds of thousands of hours in military and commercial service around the


  • Compact, lightweight

  • Operates on marine diesel fuel

  • Smallest installed volume / lowest installed weight

  • Modular engine design reduces maintenance cost

  • Simplified installation with cold end drive and cantilever mount

TF40 Specifications:

  • Fuel

    Marine diesel, jet fuel, kerosene, LNG
  • Power (MW)

  • Width (m)

  • Height (m)

  • Weight (kg)

  • length (m)