Gas Turbine TF50F

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The TF50F gas turbine engine is designed for oil and gas applications such as hydraulic fracturing pump drives and oil field electric power generation. It builds on the heritage of the proven TF series engines in service around the world in demanding industrial and naval environments. The TF50F has high torque capability, is compact and has an unprecedented power/weight ratio reducing the equipment footprint of well pads. The TF50F’s free power turbine design eliminates the need for a transmission and requires only a simple speed reduction gearbox, improving reliability. TF50F’s simplicity and modular design means reduced maintenance costs.

  • Runs on 100 % well head gas

  • Changeover from liquid to gaseous fuel under power

  • Below EPA Tier 4 emissions

  • Highest power to weight ratio in this size class

  • Modular construction & Low cost of ownership

TF50F Specifications:

  • Power (MW)
  • Fuel
    100% diesel or 100% natural gas
  • Weight (lbs)
  • Width (in)
  • Height (in)
  • Length (in)
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