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ABB offers an innovative line voltage regulator with RESIBLOC® technology that enables an automatic intervention on voltage fluctuations. This reliable and efficient solution is an economic alternative to the conventional network expansion, especially for wind and photovoltaic applications.

The increasing amount of power generated from renewable resources, especially wind and photovoltaics, is changing the structure of the energy supply. A traditionally centralized system with only a few big power producers is changing into a system containing many small producers, which directly feed into the local distribution grid. This can result in large voltage variations, an increased risk of the voltage exceeding the prescribed voltage range, and the need to limit or even interrupt the renewable generation.

  • Use of the proven RESIBLOC® transformer technology

  • Fireproof, completely free of oil

  • Energy efficient and environmentally friendly

  • Mounted fully-assembled in a concrete substation, ready-to connect to the grid

  • Simple and fast installation

Line voltage regulator Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

  • phase

  • Voltage Up to (kV)

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)

  • Rated power (KVA)