Medium-Voltage Regulators Fast Cycle Voltage Regulator

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The Fast Cycle Voltage Regulator (VR-FC) is a new edition to GE’s portfolio of pole-mounted voltage regulators and is based on the most popular utility

configurations. The VR-FC is manufactured with a standard design, providing an optimized feature set, with short-cycle lead times at a competitive based

price point.

The new optimized VR-FC Voltage Regulator maintains all of the robust design features that the industry has come to associate with GE Voltage Regulators,

including meeting the ANSI short circuit rating of 25x rated current. The load tap changer switch is certified to reliably operate beyond 2 million tap

operations, one of the highest operations in the industry. As with all GE Voltage Regulators, there is no required maintenance plan for the VR-FC Regulator,

resulting in one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry. The VR-FC is ideal for utilities who want to establish a simpler ordering

structure or require a standardized product configuration. GE’s stocking program of this product supports emergency ordering and short cycle


  • Design efficiency requires less cooling panels, resulting in a smaller footprint and reduced radiation.

  • Sealed position indicator design eliminates complicated fittings which reduces the risk of leaks and water entry.

  • Single Molex™ quick connect harness to easily interface to most controller options

  • Heavy duty lugs both on the cover and tank

  • Multiple grounding provisions under the source, load and source load bushings

Fast Cycle Voltage Regulator Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

    50 / 60
  • phase

  • Voltage Up to (kV)

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)

    95-150 (KV)
  • Rated power (KVA)