Medium-Voltage Regulators Pole-mounted Voltage Regulator

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The Pole-mount/platform mount Voltage Regulator (VR-PM) is GE’s premium product for voltage control outside the substation and has established the

benchmark in the industry for robust design and operational reliability.

The only voltage regulator on the market that is guaranteed to support 2 million switch operations and adheres to the latest IEEE C57.15-2009 and

C57.131 standards of 40x rated short circuit current.

Why does this matter? Voltage stability is an increasing challenge to utilities. The economic benefits of voltage management are becoming

better understood, especially given the adoption of technologies that can adjust the voltage profiles dynamically. Distributed generation, an increase

of loads with variable speed and customer expectation of power quality all contribute towards voltage regulating devices needing to operate more

often to keep the voltage in the targeted operational range.

The engineering design, material selection and strict manufacturing processes of the VR-PM Voltage Regulator allow it to be operated in this

manner to best serve the operational and economic, interests for the utility. Unlike other competitive products, the VR-PM Voltage Regulator does not

have a required maintenance plan, resulting in one of the lowest total costs of ownership in the industry.

  • Best in class Load Tap Changer (LTC) switch life, with up to two million operations resulting in up to 20 years of maintenance free usage.

  • Adheres to the latest IEEE.C57.15-2009 Standards (40x rated current). GE performs short circuit testing every year to validate performance.

  • Seismic certified and can be installed in most applications around the world

  • Rural Utilities Service (RUS) certified

Pole-mounted Voltage Regulator Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

    50 / 60
  • phase

  • Voltage Up to (kV)

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)

    60-150 (KV)
  • Rated power (KVA)