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PVC Twin Screw Extruder
PVC Twin Screw Extruder
PVC is a non-crystalline polymer of polyvinyl chloride. Its glass transition temperature is 105℃-75℃ depending on the molecular weight. It has flame retardancy, high rigidity, excellent chemical resistance, and electrical insulation, but it is a heat-sensitive resin.

Its processing temperature is higher than the decomposition temperature, so it cannot be processed without modification. Modified PVC is the plastic with the most additives. According to needs, PVC can be modified to produce soft, hard, transparent and opaque products by PVC twin screw extruder machine.

PVC Twin Screw Extruder Application
PVC plastic pipe, PVC plastic tape, PVC toys, PVC wire, PVC plug, PVC injection molding, container PVC accessories, food, medicine packaging, color chaotic PVC plastic bottles, supermarkets have a dazzling array of PVC packaging bags.
  • PVC Twin Screw Extruder

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