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G1 Solar Cell
G1 solar cell size plays an important role in the first unified standard size of monocrystalline in the module. G1 solar cell size is 158.75mm, which has the advantages of lower production costs, higher power, and higher acceptance of the cell side on the premise of specsquare monocrystalline silicone sheet with thickness and diagonal line.

Sunrise Energy selected global high-quality G1 cells, equipped with non-destructive scratches, 9BB half cell, precision encapsulation, and other technologies, which can achieve the power of 415W.

Features Of The G1 Solar Cells
High Precision , High Flatness Screen Printing
Solar Cells with high welding ability, optimized template design, zero defect appearance

Advanced PECVD Film
MBB solar cell with silicon nitride anti-reflective coating. Uniform navy blue.

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