Drill Bits 8.75 in. GX TCI Tricone Drill Bit,IADC 437 -Baker Hughes | Linquip
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DescriptionThe family of Hughes Christensen GT™, GTX™, GX™ and STX™ tricone drill bits from Baker Hughes has accumulated significant field experience over the last decade, becoming the drill bits of choice for many operators and contractors in a variety of applications. These bits are built upon field-proven technologies, using high-quality materials and a superior manufacturing processes to provide reliable and consistent drilling performance.
  • GX Hydraulics - GX bits offer both biased and unbiased hydraulic configurations fine-tuned for specific applications.

  • Engineered Compact Shapes - Compact attributes are adjusted to optimize cutter durability and aggressiveness for a specific formation and application.

  • Updrill Protection - Provides additional protection to the compensator and assists the drilling operation when backreaming is required.

  • Shirttail Compacts - Tungsten carbide compacts are added to the shirttail to reduce leg wear in abrasive formations and deviated or horizontal wellbores.

  • Motor Hardfacing - For additional protection in high-speed, directional, or abrasive applications, motor hardfacing can be applied.

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