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Industrial Gas Turbine OP16

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The OP16 Gas Turbine is a highly efficient and sophisticated yet simple solution that can be adapted to suit the needs of your business. Using our energy expertise we help you to optimize the production of power and heat by effectively using fuel sources that are available to you. The OP16 Radial Gas Turbine has been designed to ensure maximum fuel flexibility and low emissions allowing OPRA Turbines to lead the world’s energy transition with clean and sustainable energy.

  • Fuel Flexibility

  • Robust Design

  • High CHP Capability

  • Small Footprint

OP16 Specifications:

  • Power (MW)

  • Fuel

    Natural gas, Flare gas/Wellhead gas, Propane, LPG (Liquefied petroleum gas), Contaminated gas, Diesel, Pyrolysis Oil, Ethanol
  • Frequency (Hz)

    50, 60
  • Efficiency (%)

  • Heat-rate (kJ/kWh)

  • Exhaust mass flow (kg/s)

  • Exhaust Temperature (C)