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Steam boilers ZFR 20000

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Bosch steam boilers generate process heat with output ranges from 175 to 55,000 kilograms per hour and are universally applicable. The sizing and equipment level of the products are designed to individual customer specification with many different options and variants available. The result: maximum energy efficiency, excellent conservation of resources and outstanding availability. The intelligent control technology offered by Bosch ensures convenient, fully-automatic boiler operation. The boiler type ZFR is a shell boiler in three-pass technology with two completely separate flame tubes and smoke gas passages. A reliable steam and heat supply in the high output range. The economizer and superheater can be easily added according to the modular principle. The dimensions of the flame tubes, smoke tube bundles, water chamber and steam chamber have been optimised from the point of view of thermodynamics.

  • Its suitability for unrestricted parallel or single burner operation is not only due to the stable separation of the components on the flue gas side

  • Fully automatic operation with one or both burners is possible without restriction due to the approved single-flame operation

  • a superheater module can be positioned on the front reversing chamber

  • Easy maintenance and installation - simple cleaning of the second and third boiler pass

  • All of our shell boilers come as fully functional units inclusive of all equipment

ZFR 20000 Specifications:

  • Fuel

    Gas, oil, bio gas, bio oil, hydrogen
  • Pressure (bar)

  • design

    Three-pass flame tube/smoke tube technology
  • Max. temperature (C)

  • Series

  • Output Capacity (Kg/hr)