Medium-Voltage Regulators 14.4KV-Voltage Regulators

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Howard Power Solutions SVR-1 single-phase step voltage regulators are tapchanging autotransformers designed to automatically regulate distribution line voltages in a range of plus or minus 10% in thirty-two steps of approximately 5/8% each. Internal potential winding taps and/or an external ratio correction transformer are provided on all ratings so that each regulator may be applied within a range of system voltages. A digital control system automatically operates the tap changer mechanism to maintain system voltage within desired limits. The control system is externally programmable to allow precise setting of control limits and provides sophisticated capabilities for special control requirements, communication, and data logging. Howard Industries manufactures a complete line of transformers, all designed with increased margins of safety and reliability. Contact your distributor or factory representative for availability of other kVA sizes, voltage ratings, features, accessories and design standards not listed.

  • Automatic pressure relief device

  • Oil drain valve with sampling device

  • Gear-driven tap-changer switch with motor and power supply

  • Motor capacitor mounted in control enclosure for ease of replacement

14.4KV-Voltage Regulators Specifications:

  • Frequency (Hz)

    50 / 60
  • phase

  • Voltage Up to (kV)

  • Continuous Current Up to (A)

  • Basic Impulse Level, BIL (kV)

  • Rated power (KVA)