Copper Tube Aluminum Fin Heat Exchanger Φ18/Φ20 Steel pipe winding with steel sheet

Shanghai Shenglin has experience and expertise in Designing and manufacturing heat exchanger coils made with Stainless steel tubes.

The company has the ability of flexible design that enables the customer to get better cooling capacity while achieving maximum efficiency.

Using stainless steel tubes enables the usage of corrosive refrigerants or deionized water.

  • Industrial Applications; Lasers: heat dissipation from laser equipment with cooper or stainless steel coils.

  • Industrial Applications; Electronics: heat dissipation by liquid or refrigerant for telecommunications, computer, power supply and air dryer markets.

  • Industrial Applications; Cooling systems: commercial refrigeration for refrigerators, water coolers, freezers and refrigeration rooms.

  • Used for combined air handling unit, fan coil etc air conditioning devices

Φ18/Φ20 Steel pipe winding with steel sheet Specifications:

  • Pressure (bar)
  • Material
    Steel pipe winding with steel sheet
  • Fluid


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