Industrial oil-lubricated aluminium piston compressors (LE/LT series) LT 15–20/250

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LE/LT oil-lubricated aluminium piston compressors stand for exceptional reliability and low operating costs. LE/LT compressors deliver the lowest operating temperatures in the industry, while offering quality air with very low oil carryover.

  • robust design and the optimal combination of quality materials

  • Operational costs are limited and due to the use of highly durable components

  • All components and service points are easily accessible

  • The compressor block which is directly coupled to the motor is manufactured using lightweight materials.

LT 15–20/250 Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)

  • Engine power (kW)

  • Capacity FAD (measured in accordance with ISO 1217) (m³/min)

  • Noise level (db(A))

  • Container volume (L)

  • Dimensions [L × W × H] (mm)

    1852 × 830 × 1980
  • MAX. working pressure (bar)