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Stack Tire Racking
As a reputable stackable tire rack factory and wholesale, YuRacking provides stack tire racking for warehouse, in assembly or foldable design. Our certified tire rack is widely used to keep different kinds of tires, such as: the car tires, bus tires, bicycle/motorbike tires, big truck tires…., easy to stack and move in warehouse with the forklift, fewer aisle need, save space greatly, and rearrange floor distribution quickly and very simply. YuRacking's tirerack wholesale is a high density, space saving and labor-saving storage solution.

The basic parts of the pallet rack shelving for tires are the baseplate and four posts, then, add other protector parts, such as: the bottom covered wire decking or galvanized steel sheet or powder coated steel sheet, or wooden board, side protector bars, side protection frames, or steel sheet, and other small accessories.

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