gwk waterclean -gwk Gesellschaft Wärme Kältetechnik mbH | Linquip
The SPS-controlled gwk double strainer basket filter DN 40 automatic is designed for use in cooling water supply or circulation medium return. Due to its compact design it is made to guarantee operational safe water in injection moulding processes.

The range of different filter mesh sizes (standard 200 µm) ensures a high quality of clean process water. Rust and other deposits are collected in a large basket filter. A strong magnet in the basket insert retains finest iron particles.

This prevents deposits and suspended matters in the pipelines and important machine parts. One of the two filter housings is always in operation and the other cleaned filter housing, is ready for use in stand-by position. This way it is possible to clean the polluted strainer insert while the systems continues running. The switch-over to the cleaned filter housing is effected automatically.

In order to guarantee a permanent use a construction out of stainless steel is standard which is a great advantage compared with usual filters that easily become rusty.

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