In many branches of industry high temperatures (max. 300C°) in the processes needed;Up to this temperature heat carrier to be used as a steam or hot water boiler. The plants operating at very high pressures need to high installation costs, and also increasing the risk of meet high temperature requirement Thermal oil systems in industrial plants are the solution. The most important feature of the hot oil systems in possibility to achieve high-temperature with low-pressure. Hot oil boiler under atmospheric pressure can achieve temperatures above 300° C, can be met heat energy needsactively and safely.Thermal oil will be used as heat carrier oils, because keeps its thermalproperties when heated Up to about 300 ° C at atmospheric pressure.

  • Thermal oil boilerwill not have problems as corrosion or furring in the boiler and oil piping system.

  • If necessary, by means of hot oil there are possibility to produce hot water, boiling water and steam.

  • Pumps for circulating the oil in the pipe coil rate is selected to be between 2m/s-5m/s.Suitable oil speed of the system ensures many years of trouble free operation.

  • Boilers,heating surfaces according to DIN 4754 and put one within other in appropriate way, spiral twisted tubes and 3 pass is manufactured.

  • Rounding shaped during bend of the pipes will be done through mold this prevent oval shape of the pipes

KYK 1000 Specifications:

  • Fuel

    Natural Gas, Fuel oil, Diesel Fuel
  • Pressure (bar)

  • Weight (lbs)

  • Max. temperature (C)

  • Series

  • MAX. Output (kw)

  • Boiler Output (kw)

  • Max. Height (mm)

  • Max. Width (mm)

  • length (mm)

  • MIN. Output (kw)
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