PowerSecure 1250kW Mobile Generator

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PowerSecure has taken its robust design on the road by introducing the PowerBlock Mobile (PBM). Utilizing Tier-IV

Final EPA-Certified engines, the PBM is ready to provide backup power for any system applications. The PBM is

designed to tie multiple PBM units together to kW/kVAR load share, for additional capacity. Combined with on-board,

100% load 18-hour fuel and DEF tanks, load demands can be met with extended run times between fueling.

Servicing of the PBM is backed by PowerSecure’s network of Factory Certified and Electrical Generating Systems

Association (EGSA) Certified Service Technicians. PowerSecure’s experienced nationwide network can manage all

routine maintenance and troubleshooting needs 24/7/365.

PowerSecure’s PBM Series generators: safely powering your world.

  • 1250 kW Standby | 1120 kW Prime Power

  • Multiple Programmable Inputs and Outputs

  • Paralleling Control (Synchronizing)

  • Three-Phase Voltage, Amperage, kW, KVA and KVAR

  • Selectable Line-to-Line or Lineto- Neutral Measurements

PBM 1250 Specifications:

  • Power (kW)


Mobile Generator