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8WHCD Series
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1) The WHCD low profile torque wrench is made of aluminum alloy, with an integrated design, and the reaction arm is increased, making the WHCD wrench lighter, more reliable, and of better quality.

2) The maximum working pressure of the WHCD low profile hydraulic wrench is 70MPa, and the repeatability of torque is ±3%.

3) The WHCD low profile hydraulic torque wrench uses a 360×180 rotary joint, which can achieve freedom of operation without being restricted by space, and its ratchet linkage is interchangeable and more convenient to operate.

4) There are 10 models of WHCD low clearance wrench, covering torques ranging from 233Nm to 140000Nm, and meeting the needs of tightening and dismantling more bolts.

5) Ratchet link can be changed.

6) WHCD low clearance hydraulic torque wrenches are double-packed, aluminum-plastic boxes and wooden boxes. TorcStark stocks a large number of WHCD wrenches, which can be shipped immediately. The transportation time depends on the transportation method, and the shortest time is 3-5 days. TorcStark provides a one-year product warranty.

  • 70MPa max working pressure

  • Torque repeatability up to ±3%

  • 10 models with the ranges from 233-140000Nm.

  • 360x180 degree swivel joints allow free operation without space limitation.

  • Al-Ti alloy material, integral design, longer reaction arm and higher reliability.

TorcStark 8WHCD Series Low Profile Hydraulic Torque Wrench Specifications:

  • Weight (kg)

  • Max Torque (Nm)

  • Length (mm)

  • Width (mm)
  • Width (mm)

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