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Neles ND9000 is a top class intelligent valve controller designed to operate on all control valve actuators and in all industry areas. It guarantees end product quality in all operating conditions with unique diagnostics and incomparable performance features. ND9000 is a reliable and future-proof investment with lifetime support.

Pressure Gauge Module: A3-ND9000,

SG/VG9212/15 (1/4NPT), Qty: 1

Driver Set: DS02-ND720/920/930, SG/VG9_12, 15, Qty: 1

Filter Regulator Module: KS-NP/NE/ND (1/4 NPT), Qty: 1

Pressure Gauge: 0-12 BAR/PSI/KPA/KG/CM2 1/8NPT dia 40 AISI 304, Qty: 1

  • Positioner Type: Smart / Digital

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